Learn Slovenian Online — It’s easier than you think

Our program, Learn Slovenian Online, is explained in this 40 second video.

Learn Slovenian Online — Overcoming Challenges

Learn Slovenian Online is designed for beginners. The course aims to introduce you to the language gradually, but quickly. Starting with an introduction to the alphabet, pronunciation and the sound of the spoken language. Continuing with practical dialogues and useful phrases. Concluding as it dissects the rare ‘dual’ form (which the Slovene language has in addition to singular and plural), and demystifies the complex grammatical cases.

Although Slovenian has a reputation for being complex, many have successfully mastered it, and many more have learned the basics, enough to enrich their experience visiting the country, enabling them to enjoy it to the utmost. With the right motivation, accompanied by the right tools, you will succeed.

Your Learn Slovenian Toolbox

We wrote about some recommendations for learning Slovene on this blog in the past. Using Anki for memorising new words is another tool we highly recommend. You can read about using Anki with Learn Slovenian Online here.

Have you thought about learning Slovenian with the help of music? Valentina curated a great list of Slovenian artists with clear vocals, so you have the opportunity to experience some Slovene culture while you learn.

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Self-Study with Learn Slovenian Online

Like most self-study programs, Learn Slovenian Online works. How well it works though, depends on your goals and level of commitment. In other words, you will get out of the course what you put in.

Take the program for a test drive and see if it is right for you. Try a free lesson now.

Learn Slovenian Online: Try a free lesson

Published on July 16, 2013