How to learn Slovenian

How to learn Slovenian, or any language, comes down to a choice between, or combination of, a self study program, an in person group class, or private one-on-one lessons. Then, creating opportunity to speak the language regularly, and listening to, or viewing some form of media is invaluable; movies, television, radio, podcasts, books, blogs or magazines.


For reading material, try pick a local free newspaper, like Žurnal. Check out a Slovenian podcast, and watch TV. I find kids books useful when I’m getting started, try a local library or bookstore to pick some up.

How to learn slovenian? Try read the Ljubljana free newspaper Žurnal


Immersion is another key. Learning a language in the country it is spoken will significantly increase learning speed and helps motivation to stick with the challenge. I now choose to spend a little time learning the basics of a local language before making the trip to that country and applying myself wholly.

As well as increasing learning speed, immersing yourself in a new culture, the opportunity to travel, and to experience the beauty of Slovenian are powerful reasons to consider taking up this Slavic language.

How to learn Slovenian through Private Lessons and Online Programs

In my efforts to work out how to learn Slovenian, I discovered that almost nothing exists by way of an online self study course. These people offer in person lessons, both group and one-on-one. However I found the prices quite high. Searching deeper, I found, a site that could badly do with a makeover, where you can meet people interested in language exchange. Despite my skepticism, I joined the website and found a language exchange partner, who I quickly asked to teach me Slovenian.

We discussed the oddity that it seemed no online Slovenian program existed and set ourselves the task of developing and publishing a beginners course. The results is the first ever online self study program, Learn Slovenian Online. Which we have created with the goal of being the easiest and most affordable way to learn the Slovene language on the web. The course is designed to work stand alone, and will also provide an effective accompaniment to private classes. (Self-promotion over!)

Best of luck with your studies.

Published on May 10, 2013