The Neuter Nouns – Exceptions

The regular neuter nouns in Slovenian (ending with an -o or -e) have an ending –i in dual and –a in plural. For example okno–okni–okna (window). They are declined as...

Confusingly Similar Slovenian Words
Plural Nouns in Slovenian
The Masculine Nouns – Exceptions
Authentic Slovenian Swear Words

Authentic Slovenian Swear Words

How do you curse in Slovenian? Every student of a foreign language eventually wants to learn some swear words. If nothing…

Neighbourhoods and Locations in Ljubljana
Slovenian Last Names: “Kako se pišeš?” (What is your last name?)
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Similarities between Slovenian and other Slavic languages

There are several similarities and differences between Slovenian and other Slavic languages. Slavic languages are part of  the Indo-European languages.…

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Slovenian minorities map
Slovenian Minorities in Neighbouring Countries