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The Most Effective Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

Learning foreign languages can be spontaneous and fun. A lot of effort is often required, but results can be seen in a quite short time. From my point of view the most effective methods of acquiring a new language are:

  1. LISTENING (the absolute winner)
  2. READING and
  3. SPEAKING to a native speaker (if you have the possibility)

Why listening?

  • because you develop a sense for a language
  • you can hear and practice a correct pronunciation
  • you acquire an accent

By listening you eventually memorize phrases, not just individual words. So, listening to the radio, watching TV shows and movies aid faster learning of a language.

You can find a list of Slovenian radio stations here to help you.

And here are also some Slovenian TV channels available online.

Why reading?

  • the easiest way to learn most new words and expand your vocabulary
  • learning a words meaning from a context, not from a dictionary – in that way you memorize words more quickly
  • learning phrases and better understanding of grammatical structures

Reading at least 15 minutes per day significantly improves your results, and it is better than reading just once a week two hours consecutively. For complete beginners children’s books or very simple texts are most appropriate. On the internet you will find a large collection of e-books, you can also search for some Slovenian news websites or even better, you can visit a library if you live in Slovenia.

I still have some children’s books from my childhood, which I also lent to Paddy, when he started to learn Slovenian.

Childrens books to help learn Slovenian

I have found these three methods of learning foreign languages very useful. In my case they help me to constantly improve my English and French. I read now more »serious« books, listen to music, and watch some TV programmes in these two languages. Occasionally, if I’m luck, I also get to speak in person with native speakers.

Everyone can acquire a new language regardless age. We should all learn carefreely, spontaneously – like children. They don’t have prejudices, expectations, but they have something that most adults don’t – a child-like curiosity, which helps them to learn and explore a language in a fun and enjoyable way.

I am sure you all remember how you learned your mother tongue. It was something like this: listening your parents and repeating after them, all the time. And surprisingly, you actually learned to speak fluently, without a fear that you maybe spoke wrong.

Paddy and I have created an online Slovenian course, which also contains a great amount of phrases, which are very indispensable in everyday conversation and will help you on your way to learning Slovenian.

Positive effects of learning foreign languages

Researches show that people who speak more languages are more creative and better at solving complex problems. Learning languages favourably effects our brains, by encouraging more cell production. It is also said to extend life expectancy, improve memory, make you smarter, and there is more – polyglots or multi-linguists are supposed to be more attractive according to studies. Definitely good encouragement for all intending to learn a second or more languages!

What about you, what approaches do you use to learn foreign languages?

Learn Slovenian Online — It’s easier than you think

Our program, Learn Slovenian Online, is explained in this 40 second video.

Learn Slovenian Online — Overcoming Challenges

Learn Slovenian Online is designed for beginners. The course aims to introduce you to the language gradually, but quickly. Starting with an introduction to the alphabet, pronunciation and the sound of the spoken language. Continuing with practical dialogues and useful phrases. Concluding as it dissects the rare ‘dual’ form (which the Slovene language has in addition to singular and plural), and demystifies the complex grammatical cases.

Although Slovenian has a reputation for being complex, many have successfully mastered it, and many more have learned the basics, enough to enrich their experience visiting the country, enabling them to enjoy it to the utmost. With the right motivation, accompanied by the right tools, you will succeed.

Your Learn Slovenian Toolbox

We wrote about some recommendations for learning Slovene on this blog in the past. Using Anki for memorising new words is another tool we highly recommend. You can read about using Anki with Learn Slovenian Online here.

Have you thought about learning Slovenian with the help of music? Valentina curated a great list of Slovenian artists with clear vocals, so you have the opportunity to experience some Slovene culture while you learn.

Other actions you can take include, asking questions on our Facebook page and subscribing to our blog by email to receive our latest articles, on Slovenian language learning and culture, straight to your inbox. We have written about Slovenian slang, dialects, cuisine, and more.

Self-Study with Learn Slovenian Online

Like most self-study programs, Learn Slovenian Online works. How well it works though, depends on your goals and level of commitment. In other words, you will get out of the course what you put in.

Take the program for a test drive and see if it is right for you. Try a free lesson now.

Learn Slovenian Online: Try a free lesson

Anki Flashcards and Learn Slovenian Online

To get the most out of the Learn Slovenian Online program, it’s important to make use of the Anki flashcards included throughout the course.

The end of several lessons feature exercises you can complete to test your knowledge as you study the course. The majority of sections also include a selection of digital flashcards, for use with Anki.

Anki flashcards are a valuable learning tool

Anki is a free program which allows you to test yourself using these digital flashcards and works on the basis of spaced-repetition learning, a technique which has been shown to significantly increase memory retention.

Anki is a program which makes remembering things easy. Because it’s a lot more efficient than traditional study methods, you can either greatly decrease your time spent studying, or greatly increase the amount you learn.—

For more on using Anki for language learning, Tower of Babelfish wrote a great post, which includes a tutorial for installing Anki.

Video: How to download and import Anki Flashcards for use with Learn Slovenian Online

Learn Slovene with the help of Slovenian music

I recently found out that learning a foreign language with the help of music can be really effective. To aid you on your quest to learn Slovene, I would like to present to you some of our Slovenian musicians and particular songs which can help you to learn and develop your ear for the language a little bit more. I have used, and am using, this method to learn French, Italian, Portuguese and English.

Recommended Artists to help learn Slovene

Miran Rudan

Learn Slovene with musican Miran Rudan

Miran’s musical style is pop. He has great voice and sings clearly and most of his songs are romantically themed. Miran started to practice music at primary school. He was a member of the groups, Pop Design, Moulin Rouge and Randez Vous and now follows a solo career.

I gathered, what are in my opinion, some of his the most beautiful songs:

The last one ‘Laure ni več’ is a cover song from ‘Laura non c’è’ of Italian singer Nek.

Sound Attack

Learn Slovene with dance group sound-attack

The group was found by Simon Šurev and Pika Božič in 1997. Their music style is mostly dance and house. Pika Božič is focusing on her solo career now.

Some of their hits:

  • Ko te ni (When you aren’t here)—VideoLyrics
  • Vrni mi ljubezen (Love me back)—Video
  • Kje si zdaj (Where are you now)—VideoLyrics
  • Le tebe še hočem (You are all I want)—Video

Rebeka Dremelj

Learn Slovene with Slovenian singer Rebeka Dremelje

Rebeka is a Slovenian pop/rock singer and Miss Slovenia 2001. She performed in Eurovision song contest in Belgrade 2008, with the song ‘Vrag naj vzame’. She is one of the most popular Slovenian music artists.

  • Vrag naj vzame (To hell with it)—Video—Lyrics are embedded in the video.
  • Pod mojo kožo (Under my skin)—VideoLyrics
  • Pojdi z menoj (Come with me)—VideoLyrics


Learn Slovene with KingstonKingston is a Slovenian music group, founded in 1994. Their songs can be classified as pop, reggae and latino music.

List of songs:

  • Cela ulica nori (The whole street is tottaly wild)—VideoLyrics
  • Ko sije luna na obalo (When the moon shines to the coast)—Video—Lyrics are embedded in the video.
  • Tropicana club—VideoLyrics
  • Ko bo padal dež (When the rain will be falling)—VideoLyrics

Pepel in kri (literally Ashes and blood)

Learn Slovene with Pepel in kriPepel in kri were a Slovenian vocal/instrumental group in 70’s. They performed in Eurovision song contest in 1975, for Yugoslavia, with an Evergreen song, ‘Dan ljubezni’. They are one of the most unforgettable Slovenian Evergreen groups.

Bele vrane (literally White crows)

Learn Slovene with Belle VraneBele vrane were also a vocal/instrumental group which were active in 60’s and 70’s. Their songs are still popular. In fact, a recent remix exists of their song ‘Maček v žaklju’.

  • Maček v žaklju (A pig in a poke, literally ‘A cat in a sack’)—VideoLyrics
  • Mala terasa (A small terrace)—Video—Lyrics are embedded in the video.

Marjana Deržaj

Learn Slovene with singer Marjana DeržajMarjana was a Slovenian pop music singer. She was active in 60s and died in 2005. Her the most recognisable songs are Poletna noč, Zemlja pleše, V Ljubljano.

Here are two other Wikipedia resources related to Slovenian music: