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E-Book: Conjugation Manual of Slovenian Verbs from A to Ž

Conjugation Manual of Slovenian Verbs from A to ŽWe are excited to announce the release of our first e-book, the Conjugation Manual of Slovenian Verbs from A to Ž.

The Conjugation Manual of Slovenian Verbs is a practical and language learning tool. It will help to find all conjugations for many of the verbs in Slovenian (more than 160 verbs), and includes all forms for present, past and future tenses, as well as the conditional and imperative.

In short, it’s a reference guide for knowing how to conjugate a host of Slovenian verbs, which we hope will be a valuable companion language learning tool, for beginners and advanced a like.

You can pick up the Kindle Edition from Amazon:

Or you can buy it in PDF format from our store.

Slovenian lessons: Take it to the next level

At Learn Slovenian Online, we have just started offering 1-on-1 Slovenian lessons.

Lessons are conducted by Valentina Zupan, a native Slovene. Valentina is an experienced Slovene tutor and polyglot—she speaks English, French and Italian in addition to Slovenian. She is also passionate about her native tongue, particularly about helping others learn to speak it. Valentina tutored me while I lived in Ljubljana and was fantastic at explaining nuances of the language—of which there are plenty—and great at making the learning process enjoyable.

Valentina co-creater of Learn Slovenian OnlineIt goes without saying that private lessons are an invaluable way to level up your Slovenian skills. They’re incredibly useful to practice speaking, have pronunciation and intonation corrected, and a great opportunity to gain some confidence with the language.

Lessons are tailored to your individual needs, so if you would like help with a specific topic, or area in the course, let us know. Equally, if you’re planning a trip to Slovenia soon and would like to brush up on some useful conversation pieces, we can shape the lesson around those goals so you get as much value as possible.

Individual lessons are available, or they can be purchased as a bundle of 10 lessons, which offers best value, saving you 25%.

You can book 1-on-1 Slovenian lessons here.

If you would like to talk to Valentina before booking, send an email to and we can arrange a Skype call to answer any questions you might have.

Learn Slovenian Online Just Got Better

We just updated our program, Learn Slovenian Online, with some improvements to make the learning experience even better for you. I showcase the updates in this short video:

The lesson audio format is now MP3, which means better browser support (particularly for Internet Explorer) and better support for MP3 players and smart phones so you can more easily take the lessons with you to study on the go! We’ve tagged the MP3 files also so each lesson will be neatly organised into albums.

Learn Slovenian Online iPhone and iTunes screenshot

You can now download all audio files for each lesson at the end of the lesson—they come bundled as a zip file.

Try It Out

Head over to Learn Slovenian Online and Try a free lesson on us!

Slovenian Legends: The Legend of The Little Dragon Jami in Postojna Cave

Legend has it that years yonder, fire-breathing dragons used to dwell in the infamous Postojna Cave. The dragons plagued the people of the region until the Pivka River rose, broke it’s banks and swept the dragons away (plot hole: it’s possible that these dragons couldn’t fly, or were simply caught off guard by the powerful waters).

The Pivka waters took all but the little dragon, Jami, who unlike his brethren, was a ‘good’ dragon; peaceful, friendly and a lover of nature. Although he desired to play with children, understandably, they were terrified of him and what he might become.

Living alone, he became depressed. At the bottom of his despair, a drobnovratnik beetle came to his rescue and befriended Jami. The beetle introduced him to the other small inhabitants of the cave. Jami had no idea, he was shocked.

Jami’s circle of friends quickly grew.

After establishing trust, his new friends soon asked for help. The recounted their story, explaining their appointment to guard a treasure of pearls hidden deep within the cave. The prize they protected was under constant threat from a malign goblin, Switch. Jami gladly agreed to help and guard the pearls. Unfortunately for all but Switch though, Jami snores loudly, as snoring dragons do, and the cave walls shook with each breath.

The ill-willed goblin set off towards the din to investigate. Delighted at his find, and unintimidated by the dragon, he started loading up all the pearls he could carry. Jami awoke.

Jami snatched the goblin up, rendering Switch helpless. The goblin begged to be freed in a panicked voice, realising the seriousness of his confrontation with the little but powerful dragon.

The goblin, realising that he could not outmatch Jami in a game of strength turned to his wit. He told Jami he could perform magic and would grant his every wish if he should free him. Despite his new company, Jami still longed for the company of children, for playmates. He asked to be turned into a human being.

Switch agreed to grant the wish, chanted some ancient magic words, upon which a din, like a crack of thunder boomed through the cavern and both the goblin and dragon were enveloped in a cloud of smoke.

Jami felt himself grow smaller. His friend, the beetle had followed the thunderous noise and came rushing into the pearl filled cavern. There. On the top of the pearl treasure was a small dragon with human-like skin.

And so Jami forever became a human fish, destined to play with his cave-dwelling friends and guard the cave pearls.

Switch the goblin never returned. Some of the cave’s inhabitants will tell you that he has been spotted from time to time, and continues to lurk in the deepest, darkest depths of the cave. People often report hearing him scratching about in the distance. If you visit the cave, ask any small creatures you see about the legend, they may point you in the direction of where Jami is playing, or to the last spot Switch was suspected to have been.

Jami Postojna Cave Dragon

(image credit: Postojnska Jama)

Win Access to Learn Slovenian Online (before November 1st 2013)

Comment on the Facebook Post below for a chance to Win Access to the Learn Slovenian Online Course!

To Enter comment on this post and finish the sentence:

“When I master Slovenian I will…”

The most creative and funny comment will win. The winner will be announced November 1st 2013.

Downloadable Audio files for Learn Slovenian Online

One of our students gave a great tip for getting more out of the Learn Slovenian Online course. By playing the audio files through VLC media player, the play back speed can be controlled. This means you can slow down the audio files to better hear what Valentina is saying.

VLC media player can be downloaded for free here.

We have also added a new Downloads page to the course, from where you can easily download all of the course audio files in .m4a format.

You can try a free lesson from Learn Slovenian Online here.